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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with my dog when boarding?
Most importantly, bring current vaccination records if they are not already on file with us!  Please bring enough food for their entire stay along with a day or two extra just in case their pickup day gets delayed.  We also recommend a toy or two from home and/or a blanket that smells like home.  You are welcome to bring some of their favorite treats as well.  Each guest has their own "locker" so we make sure only your dog gets the treats you bring.  We do provide our own blankets and beds for all guests, along with treats.  We usually give the dogs a bone with a little peanut butter in the middle when they come inside from their play sessions.  Additionally, each dog gets Nutro Crunchy treats several times throughout the day.

What is your current pricing?

Current pricing is available on our pricing page.  Our pricing is all-inclusive.  This means there are never any hidden charges for items such as medication administration, outdoor play sessions, or extra feedings (some dogs with digestive issues require more frequent, smaller meals).  The one exception to this is for large dogs that require the large dog suite (50% bigger).  This suite is available on a first come, first served basis so please reserve early for this.  It is an additional $5 per day.  We can administer prescription drugs as long as they are orally administered or through ear/eye drops.  We do not administer needle injections, sorry.  If you are a returning guest we can work with you on pricing for an extended stay (10 or more nights) or for situations such as funerals.  We don't want affordability to be an issue when boarding your pup to attend a funeral or family emergency.  Contact us if this is your situation.  This is only available to guests that have previously stayed with us.

What vaccinations are required?

Dogs must be current on Rabies, Bordetella and DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvovirus).

Cats must be current on Rabies and FVRCP (feline rhinotracheitis virus, calicivirus, panleukopenia).

For everyone's safety, pets without shots or documentation will not be allowed onsite.  Documentation must be provided at check-in time!
All shots need to have been administered at least a week before boarding.

What is a typical day like?

Dogs are first let out at 6:45AM for a short outing to relieve themselves, then back inside to eat breakfast.  Around 9AM we begin letting dogs out for their first extended play session.  Play sessions typically last around 20 minutes, but can go longer depending on the number of dogs they are able to play with and the weather conditions.  A second round of play sessions starts around 1PM.  Around 4PM we let the dogs out again for a shorter play session before we feed them dinner at 5PM.  Around 6:30PM the dogs receive their final extended play session.  Between 10PM and 11PM the pups go out for their final potty break of the day before heading to bed.  Our kennel lights are connected to a "smart" dimmer switch that slowly dims the lights in the kennel building starting at 7PM.  It is then lights out at 11PM with the exception of a couple night lights throughout the building so it is never completely dark for them.  Music plays at a low volume 24 hours a day.  Usually our smart speakers are set to play NPR or some Reggae music!

What do you do during inclement weather?

We have a couple options during rainy, or severely hot or cold weather.  We have a covered 1500 square foot building that provides plenty of room to play during rainy weather.  There's even a tug of war toy hanging from the ceiling for their enjoyment!  When it is too hot or cold, we increase the number of play sessions, but make the sessions shorter so our guests don't freeze or suffer from heat exhaustion.  Water is always readily available during outdoor playtimes in the summer.  All pups are different and the dog and weather dictate how to handle their individual situation.  Of course, a Chihuahua won't spend as much time outside in the winter as a Saint Bernard.

How does group play work?

During play sessions we try to combine dogs of similar size and temperament so they can play together.  Unlike some kennels, we limit the size of our play groups to a manageable number.  Some facilities will put 10 to 20 dogs out together with only one person supervising.  We ALWAYS keep our play groups to less than 8 dogs and even then, we'll have 2 people supervising.  If your pup isn't social, let us know and he/she will still have the same number of play sessions, they'll just be solo instead.  Not all dogs play well with others and we understand that.

My dog has medications, can you administer these for me?

Absolutely!  We can give your dog the medicine they require at the times you request.  There is no added fee for this.  The only exception is for injections.  We cannot help with that, sorry.

I'm nervous about boarding my dog, is there a web cam or another way to check in on them?

Yes, ​we have a web cam that allows you to see what's happening in the large fenced in yard.  If you'd like us to notify you when your dog is outside, we can let you know via a quick text once or twice during their stay so you can peek in on them - just let us know during their arrival.  We understand that it can be difficult to leave your baby with someone else and we want to help alleviate some of those fears.

What precautions have you taken to insure the health and safety of my dog?

We have left​ no stone unturned to provide the cleanest and safest stay for your pet.  All guests are required to be current on their vaccines (see above for the list of required vaccinations).  The suites are completely disinfected after every stay.  We built the facility with nonporous surfaces to make cleaning and disinfecting much easier.  This includes FRP panels, tempered glass doors, painted fiber cement siding on interior walls and epoxy coated flooring.  We also have an automatic standby generator in case of a power outage, several hardwired "smart" smoke/carbon monoxide detectors with battery backup and fire extinguishers at both ends of the building.  Our outdoor fencing is 6 feet high and consists of both vinyl and chain link.  We have a bottom rail on the fencing to stop digging as well.  Additionally, dogs are always supervised when in the fenced in area.  We live in the house connected to the boarding facility and are onsite 24/7.  We can hear the guests while in our living room!  We even have cameras inside the kennel to keep an eye on them on our tablet/phone.

What are your age requirements?  Do you accept puppies?

While we do not have a specific age requirement, your pup is expected to have all the required vaccinations, no exceptions.  Please see above for the list of required vaccinations.

Why should I board my dogs when I can ask a friend or family member to watch them?

Asking friends or family to watch your dog while you are away is a huge ask from anyone.  We've done this in the past with our own dogs and we never heard the end of it.  Sometimes family can take your furry friend in for you while you travel, but it's a tremendous favor and we have found it's better to not burden friends/family with such a tall request.

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