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Current Pricing

Below is the price table for 2024.  These prices are for new clients only!  Important:  If you stayed with us in 2023, your rate hasn't changed since your last stay unless we specifically tell you at the time you book.  We will never raise your rate without communicating that to you first.

New Clients

New clients are not allowed to book more than 30 days in advance unless you prepay for the entire reservation - there are no refunds.  The reservation is not considered confirmed until payment is received.  This rule also applies to current clients that have demonstrated a history of canceling/changing their reservations.  We have implemented this policy to reward our considerate and loyal clients - we so greatly appreciate you!

Cancellation Policy
We require a minimum of 14 days notice to cancel any existing reservation.  Cancelations made within 14 days of the scheduled drop off date will be charged a MINIMUM of 50% of the entire scheduled stay.  This fee increases to 100% during our busy times, which includes all holidays and all summer (defined as Memorial Day through Labor Day).  You will not be able to book another reservation with us until this fee is paid in full.  If you habitually cancel reservations, we will block any and all future reservations even if you canceled outside the 14 day cancelation window.  There may be unforeseen circumstances that cause your cancelation - please explain why you are canceling and, depending on the situation, we may waive some of the fees.

No Shows

If a client fails to show up for a scheduled appointment, and does not notify us, that client will not be allowed to book any future reservations until they pay for the ENTIRE reservation for which they failed to show up.

Dog Boarding and Daycare Rates

The nightly dog boarding rate is anywhere from $30 (usually small dogs, such as Yorkies, Chihuahuas, etc. in one of our small suites) to $45 (usually larger breeds, larger suites).  For example, well behaved common breeds such as Labs, Golden Retrievers, etc. are usually around $37 per night.  However, dog and room size are not our only considerations.  Do they play well with other dogs or must they go out solo every time?  Are they obedient?  Do you have a large breed that likes to jump on people?  Do they have a lot of "accidents" (they go out AT LEAST 6 times per day here so this should not be an issue with ANY healthy dog)?  If your pup has an excessive amount of accidents, we reserve the right to charge an Excessive Cleaning Fee of a few dollars per night at checkout (up to a maximum of $9 per night).  Please note that this is extremely rare (less than 1% of our guests) as they have access to the yard frequently throughout the day.  There are many other considerations other than these, that help us determine the rate.  Please call to discuss further.

Daycare is $22 for small breeds and $25 for large breeds.  A discount is available for multiple dogs.  Please call to discuss further.

Missed Appointment Fee (Applies ONLY to Boarding Guests and NOT Daycare)

If you are more than 15 minutes early/late for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged a $15 fee.  We are trying our absolute best to keep our prices low and clients that show up unscheduled cause huge issues with our tightly planned day.  Want to avoid this fee?  Show up on time for your appointment or call AT LEAST 2 HOURS before your scheduled time to make changes.  We can usually accommodate you, but you need to contact us!  If you show up when we aren't expecting you, you will be charged $15 - non-negotiable.

The Two Larger Suites

We have one suite that is 1.5 times the size of our standard rooms.  We reserve this suite for clients with multiple dogs or a single "giant" dog (Great Danes, Newfoundlands, etc.).  For single dogs, the nightly rate is $45.  For multiple dogs, the nightly rate for this larger suite is the same as one night of dog boarding ($30 to $45) PLUS the additional dog in SAME kennel rate ($25).

We also have a double suite that is just what it sounds like - two of our standard rooms connected by a "doggie door" that allows them to use both spaces.  This is available only to clients with multiple dogs.  The nightly rate for this suite is the same as one night of dog boarding ($30 to $45) PLUS the additional dog in SEPARATE kennel rate ($30).

These larger rooms fill up fast, especially during the summer and holidays.  Please, please, please book early!

Late Checkouts

Boarding guests that are picked up during our afternoon hours on their checkout day will be charged a late checkout fee of $25 per dog for that day.  We do offer a discount:  If you have 2 pups sharing a STANDARD (or smaller) size suite, the pricing will be $25 total for the late checkout, while the larger suites will be billed at $25 per guest.  Pickup during our morning hours to avoid any late checkout fee.  Our open hours are viewable at the bottom of any page on our website.

After Hours and Holiday Pick Up or Drop Off

This is charged for any transaction that occurs outside of our normal business hours.  Please note our holiday schedule below.  Our current business hours are viewable at the bottom of any page on our website.

Making Changes During a Stay

We understand, plans can change.  If you need to pickup your pet early for any reason, you will need to call us as soon as you possibly can.  Do not arrive without notice - PLEASE honor your scheduled drop off and pickup times!  Guests will be charged the full nightly rate for stays that are abruptly cut short of their reservation.  For example:  You book a two week stay, and on the tenth day of your trip you decide to return early.  You then call us with 2 hours notice that you will be picking your dog up that day.  You will still be charged the entire nightly rate for the last four nights you had originally reserved.  Of course, special consideration will be given in an emergency.  Every situation is different.  We understand that and will do our best to accommodate, if we can.

If you need to extend a stay, please call as soon as you can to insure we have room.  Thank you!

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Holiday Schedule

* Any stay that spans one of the holidays below, requires a 3 night minimum! *

We are closed on the following holidays:

New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


Christmas Day

There are NO pick ups or drop offs on these days.  If you require either service on these days, an additional charge will apply.  Pick ups and drop offs will be available the day prior and the day after each holiday, with regular business hours on those days.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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