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Dog Daycare

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What is Daycare?

Daycare for your dog consists of dropping off your pup and picking them up on the same day.  The same requirements as boarding apply to daycare.  Please visit our boarding page to insure your dog meets all the criteria (i.e. vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, etc.) to qualify for daycare.  Daycare dogs should be very social and comfortable playing with other dogs.  We are NOT trainers and we will not train your dog so please do not expect that.  Your dog is expected to play in a non-aggressive manner.  If they exhibit any signs of aggression, we will politely ask that you no longer bring them for daycare.  Although we may accept your dog if they aren't social with other dogs, their outdoor playtime will not be as long as the others.  Social pups will get extended​ playtime with the other daycare dogs since we can combine their outings together.  The more dogs we have for daycare, the more time we can allot for them to socialize.  Dogs get multiple play sessions with the other dogs throughout the day.  The time and duration of each session depends on the number of dogs here for daycare and the weather.  Extreme weather limits the duration of each session as the health of the dog is of the utmost importance to us.  We have shorter, more frequent play sessions in the extreme heat and cold, and longer, less frequent play sessions when the weather is nice.

How Does it Work?

We are currently at capacity for daycare, but may have some availability soon.  Please contact us for current availability as our situation is constantly changing.

Drop off your dog in the morning (we open at 7:30AM Monday through Friday) and pickup any time before we close at 6:30PM.  While daycare is usually available Monday through Friday, we sometimes have to limit it to Tuesday through Thursday when we are busy with boarding customers.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but we want to make sure all dogs receive a fair amount of attention and this is not always possible when we are busy with boarding - such as around holidays or during the summer.  We may be able to do a weekend day every now and then for daycare, if needed, but there is no guarantee it will be available.

On Sundays we will text our daycare customers to work out a schedule for the upcoming week based on the day(s) that work the best for everyone.  Our goal is to get most of our daycare customers here on the same day(s).

Daycare Discount

We offer a discount for dogs that visit for daycare more than one day per week.  Please inquire when making your reservations and your rate will be based on the number of days you book.  Again, to receive the discount, the daycare days need to be during the same work week (Monday - Friday).


Refer a daycare customer to us and receive a free day of daycare for your pup.  Just let us know who you referred and we'll take care of it.  Thank you!

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